Word Talk: Aloha

This is a new series I’m doing wherein I talk about words that are worth caring about!


I thought I’d start off the series with a warm, happy word.

It should be noted that my only connection to Hawaii is that my estranged grandparents had vacation homes there, so there are aspects of ‘aloha’ that I may never understand, and it’s possible I’ve misunderstood something. Anybody who knows better or knows more, please jump in the comments to share!

It is a word that expresses love, kindness, compassion, and more. It expresses that innate kinship toward a fellow human being and that spirit of hospitality that is traditionally so important to many cultures, but is sometimes neglected in today’s world.

It’s a beautiful word, and one I’ve probably only scratched the surface of as someone who doesn’t speak Hawaiian.

Next time you’re greeting someone with ‘Aloha,’ don’t just think of it as a greeting. Remember what it means, what it stands for.

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