18 Replies to “Faerie (AtoZ2017)”

    • It is one of the words that depends on location. I use the British spelling partially because of neopets and partially because I went through a phase in middle school where I used a lot of British spellings and never fully broke the habit.

    • Thakns Cathy, I plan to but I’m trying to use it more regularly first. At least I use twitter sporadically, I’m having trouble getting into G+.

  1. Watercolor and ink? I like it. I was never good at water color. I’m more an acrylic fan. They are more forgiving.

    Your fairy is cute.

    • Thanks. Just watercolor.
      I agree it’s a lot harder than acrylic for me as well. But I’m determined.

  2. Hi Alex! Love the blue faery! She’s perfect! She makes me feel like I can dance into a meadow and twirl like I was a child again. Thank you for the wonderful moment.

    • Thanks Wendy! It got to be a bit much for me, but I was having fun and intend to finish.

    • Thanks Cait. 🙂 I tend to gravitate toward blue, perhaps more often than I should, but I think this was a good match.