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  1. Beautiful painting! Elephants are my favorite! I love this one so much! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I loved the connection that you wrote about! How I wish that we could live in a world where people were about to choose, really choose instead of societies choice for them! Great job so far with A to Z! Keep going! Thanks for your authenticness!

    • Thanks Tawnya! There’s something about elephants that I really love as well.
      Totally agree! I’m really enjoying your blog.

  2. Alex, painting is something I want to dabble in but for now, I’m getting comfort with sketching. I always dreamed about painting beautiful mountain landscapes like Bob Ross. 🙂 I like the simplicity of your monochrome watercolors. Do you use watercolor paper or canvas for this month’s challenge? Have you ever used watercolor pencils, if so which do you prefer pencils or tube watercolors? I’m eager to learn, so share away with me! Thanks for visiting my Art Sketching Through the Alphabet with the letter “E” (elephant, eagle, elk) yesterday and whenever you have time, check out today’s letter “F” for fence, frog, fox, & funny face post!

    • Thanks Cathy! I find my ability is currently very haphazard. I just hope one day to be consistent. Or at least settle on a style.

      I haven’t tried watercolor pencils, but I do want to experiment more with using regular colored pencils over the watercolor to create more depth.
      I do have tube paints, but for this series I’m actually mixing from pigment, and with a limited palette so I’m learning all about color! I’ve always been pretty good at mixing something like the color I want, but I’m finding it very difficult with the colors I have now.

      I’m trying several different watercolor papers for this. So far I still like Arches the best, but Artisno isn’t too bad and winsor newton is as always surprisingly good for how cheap it is (that’s the brand my tube paints are).

      • Thank you, Dearie for telling me what you’re using. I saved this info for later when I’m ready to experiment. I’d say it’ll be awhile before I get to that point but hopefully before the year ends. I really like sketching and it’s giving me the confidence needed to move forward. The beauty of art is there isn’t a right or wrong way because if what you creates speaks to someone then job well done.
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        • Definitely, that’s what I love as well. I actually hated art until I took a college class on a whim. Then I was hooked. Just needed the right teacher to get me into it after bad ones that made me hate it.