Inspiration from the Past

Back in elementary school I was in after school care because my dad worked late. Every once in a while one of the supervisors would gather us kids in a circle to read one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books, letting us take turns determining the fate of the protagonist of the day.

I’d entirely forgotten about this until recently. I’m not sure what reminded me, but pretty soon afterward I knew I wanted to write a book in that style. The problem was choosing a plot. I came up with a couple of settings I’d like to play with, a vague scenario. But an actual plot escaped me. Then, one restless night, it came to me. A trilogy. The first two books would use two of the settings I’d been contemplating, with plots that lead up to the scenario in the third. Each book would continue from one of the endings of the previous book.

I tried to focus on other projects, projects that felt more meaningful. But this idea wouldn’t leave me. I knew I wanted to pursue it, and I also suspected that perhaps by starting with something that, while challenging, is mostly a for fun project, I may gain confidence to finish the projects that involve more baring my heart to the world.

So for now I’m working on drafting the first book in the series. I’m shooting for a novella length, and hope to get all 3 written and at least the first published sometime this year, so stay tuned for more updates about the project!

For now I’ll say that the first book is set at a haunted mansion and there’s a romance subplot. I haven’t decided whether I’ll be going for horror or just supernatural. I’ll see where the writing takes me.

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