I’m Home

Well that didn’t last long last time, did it? Well, I had a hard time finding a new job and my hosting ran out, and instead of moving everything to the free wordpress.org website I set up and updating there I fell into a pretty bad depression. Once I found a job I had a hard time balancing things, especially with the stresses of adjusting sapping my energy.

I’ve actually been back a couple of months now, but I’ve been easing into things. Here’s what’s going on:

  • I’ll be posting every Thursday (yesterday I was fighting with wordpress because it wouldn’t let me log in)
  • The third Thursday of every month from March-November I will be featuring an author interview
  • Some weird artifacts are left over from exporting and importing my site to wordpress.org and back, but I think I took care of the worst
  • One of these days I’ll actually design the layout I imagine in my head
  • I’ll be setting up a newsletter soon! I just need to edit the freebie story (the first; I hope to add more in the future)
  • I’ve been pretty dedicated to my latest project the past few months, though I keep getting demotivated. More on that soon.

There are several other things I’m working on, but I’ll announce more about them as I become sure I can follow through with them.

Until next week!

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