Juggling Acts and Productivity

Some of  you may have noticed I’ve been better about posting the last few weeks. In fact, I’ve been better about a lot of things! I have my ups and downs, and I’m sure I’ll be unmotivated again. In fact, I was a bit today. But this time feels different. I’m consistently getting doing productive things every day. Most days I get a lot done, but even on days when I’m not feeling well, either mentally or physically, I get one or two things done. I’ve been writing more, drawing more, showing up on twitter, and blogging on time. I’ve even started studying languages and reading for fun again.

The downside to this newfound productivity is that it’s a huge juggling act. Every day things get pushed aside because something else is more important. That’s normal I suppose. It’s just frustrating because I have so many plans (mostly writing related) and I still have to add some other things into my routine (one at a time), such as other social media sites and networking for my other blog.

I remain optimistic, however. I’m slowly chipping away at my list of Things I Want To Do. For now, here’s a list of writing-related plans for this blog:

  • Resume Whimsical Whatnots on the first Thursday every month (this is set to happen next month!)
  • Resume my A-to-Z stories every other Tuesday starting July 5th
  • Start serious world-building and characterization efforts for my fantasy series and occasionally share them here
  • Sometimes write about poetry, which I’m currently trying out
  • Possibly a long term interview exchange project with other writers (it’s being set up; we’ll see.)

So it’s been a good month so far, and I feel optimistic going forward. I even taped a list of things to focus on (writing, twitter, art, etc.) to my wall and every day I go through it and start with whatever category has something time sensitive and then try to hit the categories I didn’t hit the day before.

Does your life often feel like a juggling act? What are your favorite tools for handling it?

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10 Replies to “Juggling Acts and Productivity”

    • That’s a great tactic! I should really work on that. I don’t usually start doing stuff until afternoon and it leads to trying to cram things in at the end of the day.

  1. I can SO relate to this! I try not to be a victim of my emotions and moods but some days, I just can’t do ‘the stuff’. I’m understanding that after over 20 years of having depression on and off, I’m vulnerable to occasional low moods. I used to battle this and try to push on. The problem is, that can lead to depression. So nowadays it’s about self care.

    It is hard on days when you have no motivation and your inner writing voice demands that you be productive. On those days I write something small, even just a paragraph or two for a blog post. That way I don’t have to feel the crushing guilt.

    On good days, I write, and then some! These are the days to be seized because I’m not sure how I’ll feel tomorrow. That said, I have established a writing routine to make myself more productive but I’m learning not to beat myself up, so to speak, if I can’t do it.

    Good on you for working on your productivity and having a plan. It sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading more of what you have to share! Just keep it slow and steady and you’ll be winning.

    • It’s really hard, and trying to go on with sheer willpower just makes it worse. That’s what people who haven’t been depressed tend to not understand.

      That’s great that you seize the days where you’re motivated! It makes all the sense. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  2. Well done on being more productive… Here’s to hoping it continues for you 🙂

    My life feels like a constant juggling act. I deal with it by:
    – forming good habits over time (so if I don’t write, I genuinely miss it)
    – using to do lists to organise myself (Evernote is my tool of choice)
    – focusing on priorities (roughly translates as sod the housework!)


    • Thanks Elise. 🙂
      Those are really good strategies, especially the last. (My housework gets so bad, that I have to make it a priority to ever get any done. I actually had all the dishes washed the other day instead of an overflowing sink. It was amazing.)

  3. “Every day things get pushed aside because something else is more important.”

    YES! This is so me. I feel like I constantly have to prioritize what needs to be done, but after awhile some things can’t be pushed aside and longer and no matter how much I’ve accomplished in a day, I get to the end and feel like my list is still just as long.

    I try to count the little successes, because they’re still things I accomplished.

    What’s bad is backwards stuff! Yesterday I strung my clothesline just to find out that the stupid line was too stretchy and wouldn’t work. So then I had to take all 5 of the lines down. Work I just had to undo. Then my blog was acting up and had deleted random pictures throughout all of my blog posts. I had to go through each post I’ve made one by one and find the messed up pictures, and then try and remember which photo was in that spot and then find it(not an easy task) and replace the broken one. One of those things I felt like I shouldn’t have had to do because it shouldn’t have messed up!

    • Ooph yeah. Backwards productivity is the worst. Or really inefficient productivity. What do you mean there was an easier way to do that? Why didn’t you tell me???

  4. I often feel like I’m juggling a lot–keeping up with social media, writing, editing, my job, and my social life. My method is to pick one thing each day and focus on that before I do anything else. That makes sure I get caught up (or at least don’t fall behind) on something, and usually I still have time to do other things as well. I’m easily distracted, so sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused, but the more I practice doing it, the easier it becomes. I also try to prioritize things–right now, because I have limited internet access, I have to decide what’s most important to get done next time I’m online, and then do that first.
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    • Picking something important to do first thing in the day seems like an excellent strategy, though it’s one I have yet to master! I’m easily distracted too. I think I spent an hour today distracted by articles about ampersand all because a book I was reading used &c. *sighs* I’m getting there!