When Vision and Ability Collide

I’m currently taking a course centered around making a comic (more on that next week), and one of the outside sources linked that most spoke to me was this comic on taste vs ability.

You see, I’m in this phase in most of my hobbies, but especially when it comes to visual arts, and as I’ve been working on the penciling for my comic this past week that’s become more and more apparent.

Not only am I having trouble bringing my vision to life, despite using reference photos, but it’s taking way too long!

Two elves sword fighting while a third looks on in excitement
One of the harder panels to draw

So what do you do when your vision and your ability are in conflict like this? Too many people quit. Too often, I have been one of those people. I’m still figuring out how to fend off that discouragement, but, for now, knowing that this is universal and that I’m getting better helps a lot. In the meantime, I’ll keep practicing.

I also recently came across a book, currently free if you sign up for the author’s newsletter here, on my twitter feed geared towards writing faster. I’ve just started using it and it looks pretty good, although I’d be happy just to average 1,000 words an hour, since I write painfully slowly at the moment.

In the same vein, one of the first exercises in my comic course was a 5 minute sketch, during which I produced the koala sketch that I shared here. I think that my art could also benefit from deliberate attempts to speed it up, although I want to work on my skill a bit more first.

The upside is that I’ve been practicing my art more than ever before lately in what I hope is a sustainable way that doesn’t overwhelm me too much. What have you done in the past when your ability wasn’t enough to bring your vision to life? Are you still in that stage, struggling along with me?

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2 Replies to “When Vision and Ability Collide”

  1. I have a tendency to only write when I have a burst of inspiration. Granted, these can be very big bursts that range from 3,000 words in an hour to 6,000 words in one sitting to a 15,000 short story in a day… But averaged over time it isn’t always a lot. I’m working on being more consistent with my writing–definitely going to check out the book you linked!

    Also, that comic you linked at the beginning, about Taste vs Ability, is gold. Definitely bookmarking that for the future when I’m trying to jump a too-wide gap!