Early Attempts at Art

I’m sure that, like most people, I must have enjoyed art at some point during my childhood. However I only ever remember hating it.

A very misshapen, multi-colored cat
A cat, apparently

After elementary school I stopped taking it. Almost everybody in my middle school took art, shop, music, and PE every year- two a semester on alternating days. However, there were some classes, such as band, that would take up two of those slots so that you only took PE and one of the others. Guess what I took? If I had taken art in middle school I might have decided I liked it, since the teacher was the same one whose class made me realize I like it as an adult. Then again, maybe not and I don’t regret taking band and I loved shop.

In high school I would sometimes doodle when I got bored (snails and ducks were my favorites) and a project I did for cooking class suggested I enjoyed design. However, I remained convinced that I hated art and wasn’t and never would be good at it.

However, everything changed a couple of years after high school when I took an art class on a whim. It was a sampler class of different media and I have no idea what possessed me to take it, but I’m glad I did! Here are the few pieces I have left from that class:

After that I took a painting course, choosing to use oil paints over acrylics. Some of what I did there is better than what I do today since I’m a little out of practice and not always at my best (plus watercolors frustrate me more even though I prefer them).

I never finished that class or any future art classes I tried to take because my depression got the better of me, as did my frustration with others in the classes being more skilled. However, I retained my newfound love of art and these days I’m doing online lessons and trying to practice more regularly. Plus, I try not to compare myself to other artists anymore. I remind myself that many of them have been practicing much longer than I have and even if they haven’t that I’ll get there eventually.


Do you occasionally like to look at your early art (non-visual included) attempts?

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2 Replies to “Early Attempts at Art”

  1. I’m not an artist, but I do love browsing my sister’s artwork–you can see it grow and change over the years.

    I too love doodling snails at random times! They’re so cute and easy to draw in pencil.

    • I remembered that from your last comment and almost wrote a shout out to you, but I wasn’t sure how to slip it in naturally. Snails are the best. 😀