Recent Sketches (Part 1?)

I’ve been behind this week, but I want to really try to get out an art and a writing post each week, so here’s a quick update on what I’m doing with my art!


I’ve been trying to draw more. Out of all my hobbies, visual art is probably the one that frustrates me most easily, so I don’t always do it as often as I should. Lately I’ve been trying to do outline sketches. That way I don’t spend too much time obsessing over details, while at the same time I have to try to determine which lines are important to distill an object down to its essence. Since those sorts of things are a weak point for me, it’s a great exercise!

I’ve also been going over my drawings with a brush and ink because I’m trying out comic making and, after trying out a few different things, I’ve determined that that’s how I’d like to ink them. At least for now. So I’m practicing that. Here are a few of my sketches from last week:An elf standing in the doorway of his mushroom home, ink outline

This was a first try at imagining the world of the comic I’m working on. I actually timed myself for this one and didn’t have time to worry about things like what hands are supposed to look like. I’ve always had trouble drawing proportional hands, especially on a small scale.

Sleeping cat. This was very challenging, but fun and I’m going to have to try drawing her in all sorts of positions in the future!

Stuffed koala, ink outline

My stuffed koala. I always enjoy sketching him because he’s challenging, but not so much that I get frustrated. The hardest part is when I try to color him. I haven’t gotten that down yet.

Crocodile? skull. Or something. I’m not sure; I got it at a garage sale. I’ve never tried this one before and it was easier than I expected except for the eyes. The one on the right in the picture above in particular was difficult because it was facing away from me and only a bit of the actual eye was visible. I also didn’t draw in the teeth and just winged it with the ink and messed that up. Oops!


All in all, definitely an exercise I’ll be continuing in the future. It’s especially good for when I don’t want to do something more involved because I’m tired or busy or just being whiny. I can always¬†spare 5 minutes for something like this.


Which is your favorite? Do you enjoy quick sketching or doodling?

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3 Replies to “Recent Sketches (Part 1?)”

  1. I love your quick sketches! The sleeping cat is my favorite. I have no talent for drawing, so I don’t sketch, though I used to doodle in my notebook a lot when in class at college. Still doodle at times when I’m bored and there is paper available. Just little things like swirls and spirals and snails and Decepticon/Autobot symbols, usually. And hearts, if I’m in a good mood. Hearts are one of the few things I’m good at drawing, at least in pencil (I’m talking about the Valentine-esque heart, not actual human hearts; those are too complicated for me.)

    • I used to doodle as well, even before when I thought I hated art. Snails were my first go tos, and I also liked drawing a duck with her ducklings.

      I’m absolutely terrible at drawing hearts myself! They almost always end up misshapen.

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