Plans for the immediate future

I know this blog hasn’t gotten off to a great start. Sorry about that; I was dealing with some pretty bad depression. However, I have some pretty exciting things planned for the next month or so!

First, I’ll be participating in the Blogging a-to-z challenge. I’ll be posting one 250 word or less flash piece with alliterative a-to-z titles that I’ve already chosen every day except Sundays. These stories will  be written the night before I post them and only minimally edited in an attempt to get into the habit of writing regularly. Additionally, I’m going to start trying to post something visual art related every Sunday (including yesterday!).

Beyond April I’ll try to pick up with my whimsical whatnots prompt series starting with my turtle. I’m going to change the time frame to once every two weeks on Thursdays and on the alternating Thursdays I’ll try to post something writing related.


Sorry, no promises. I’ve been to unreliable in the past to make long term promises. I do promise, though, that I’ll get social media running for this site soonish so that those of you who are inclined to follow me may do so.

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4 Replies to “Plans for the immediate future”

  1. It can be difficult sticking to a schedule (believe me, I know, I post belatedly as often as not), but do your best to stick to it and you’ll find it getting easier as you go along. 🙂

    Looking forward to the a-to-z flash fiction and the whimsical whatnots!

    • Thanks. 🙂 Hoping the a-to-z challenge is the charm. After that I’ll be like twice a week? Pffft, that’s easy.

  2. All the best to you!!

    Can you please put up the A to Z challenge badge on your blog though, so that it will make people easy to find you?

    Thank you!